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Who Am I?

Through my active effort to connect people and traditions, modern and ancient, I have been brought to travel to different locations in the world; working with, assisting, and learning from various ancestral elders like the Buddhists of Tibet, Nepal, India, and Europe; Hinduists; Native Americans of North America; The Toltec, Wixaritari, and Otomi of Mexico; The Q’ero of Peru; & Shamans of Mongolia.

From my ongoing involvement with the tribes & their teachings, my time in retreat in temples, & my work with ancestral communities I have learned to cultivate living through the simple beauty of life; To be mindful of my decisions and how these have an impact on my relationships and the world at large; and to actively cultivate life balance through the coherence of my thoughts, choices, actions, & habits. In this way, I live by the lessons learned from the ancestral wisdom that comes from my roots in Mexico and from around the world. 

Leading 1:1 coaching, Art of living classes, Silent Retreats, & women’s circles is my continued attempt to introduce ancestral wisdom as a complementary tool for self-development & transformation in modern societies. My intention is to help promote holistic well-being & conscious presence through the Ancestral Art of Living.

All that I share is from a place of humility; as taught by the life philosophies of ancient traditions. See me as someone who is walking life as you are; with similar doubts & fears, & wanting to find a healthier life balance.  

My values 

My values are the pillars from which my life is structured; a foundation I was called to learn to seek and cultivate individually. They consequently form the base from which all my actions and the services I offer thrive. My values are:

  • Respect
    I believe that all creation has a purpose and that each creation has value. I especially respect my ancestors who have created and preserved the ancient ways that teach and guide me. Respect is also extended to the sacred way of life & to every person that I encounter on my path. 
  • Humility
    Humility is seeing ourselves as we really are and understanding clearly the inter-relationship of all in our lives. This includes knowing our strengths and owning them as well as seeing our weaknesses and fears. Humility is not degrading or dishonoring ourselves. Rather, it’s taking the responsibility to choose and do without worrying about receiving credit or praise. I cultivate humility through understanding my place in life and how I have been gifted by it.
  • Gratitude
    I practice gratitude by feeling appreciation for the gifts that I am given and the blessings that come from the efforts of others & by expressing that appreciation to those around me. Gratitude is a daily, moment-by-moment practice, wherein I give thanks for all that I have and all that I am.
  • Forgiveness
    Forgiveness changes the forgiver. I believe that when we forgive, it heals us and allows us to move forward. I feel that in forgiving, we work to free ourselves from the pains of our past to live in peace.
  • Assistance
    One meaning of assistance is benevolent giving to those who are in need or to good causes. For me, it is also the ability to truly love and serve each other with our hearts and hands as well as our intentions. I believe that assistance can also take the form of giving others the benefit of the doubt when there is possible conflict, neither taking nor giving offense.
  • Honor
    In honoring I attempt to respect, value, and cultivate the teachings of my ancestors and the keepers of ancient traditions of the world. Thus, by consciously developing constructive life choices, healthy life habits, and balanced relationships, I am honoring the ancestral Art of Living. As such, in all of my relationships, I strive to honor those who have created and traveled the roads before me, those who are in my life, and those who are yet to come. 

Why Values Are Important

Values are the guiding principles of our lives. Whatever way we choose to think, feel, & act in a given situation, that choice invites others to do the same with us. Thus, our constructive choices change our lives and the world positively. Living by self-defined values requires honesty with ourselves and integrity in our interactions with others. Therefore, as we seek in our imperfect ways to be coherent with our values & decisions, we feel fulfilled and strengthened in our lives.

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