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1:1 Coaching

Generally, I address the interactions between the physical, emotional, and mental processes to transform blockages in your life. Coaching sessions, therefore, focus on releasing stagnant emotions and maladaptive mental patterns to stimulate and assist your innate ability to cultivate and develop a holistic life balance. Each session invites you to keep an open mind while you are guided to explore, experience, and practice your self-defined methods of mental, emotional, physical, & spiritual well-being.

Usually, people seeking coaching sessions are trying to resolve issues related to stress, anxiety, clouded mind, loss of self-value, physical depletion, low energy, relief of illness-related symptoms, etc. As your Alternative Well-Being facilitator, I will guide you to cultivate life balance by helping you understand your internal processes and their impact on your mind, emotions, body, and spirit. This is done through relaxation, guided introspection, and immersion into one of the several alternative well-being modalities.

My Coaching Approach

My coaching methods focus on helping clients identify their limiting beliefs and preconceived notions, which may stop them from achieving greater life meaning, joy, and balance. I work to encourage clients to examine old wounds, talk about them, and eliminate the emotional baggage; prompting my clients to adopt a self-defined lifestyle that helps them feel positive and confident; able to recognize their self-worth- through self-defined life values- and identify their life direction to develop a more meaningful life. My main tools are compassionate listening and respectful communication to encourage clients to speak freely and help them outline goals to address potential or existing issues and reach a holistic life balance.

I often work with clients who are hesitant to take a step or have a negative outlook by helping them:

  • Accept themselves – prompting clients to embrace individuality and feel comfortable within themselves. 
  • Discover life’s purpose – encouraging clients to share their core beliefs, interests, and what keeps them motivated — without fear of judgment. I work with this information to help clients uncover their purpose in life- at a deeper level- and find tangible solutions to difficult life problems at a practical level.
  • Navigate difficult circumstances –  helping clients bounce back from a difficult situation to develop the appropriate plan to move forward.
  • Identify strengths– helping clients recognize their strengths and weaknesses to educate clients on turning these weaknesses into opportunities.
  • Develop self-awareness– guiding clients to understand and develop their internal processes.

My main emphasis

I work on guiding clients during challenging and transitional life moments to help them find the root of problems, the solutions to them, and the realistic methods to bring about necessary life changes. My approach marries the ancient practices of the Art of Living and the modern techniques of life and spiritual coaching; creating a bridge among the three where holistic life balance can be attained through working with the relationship between the Spirit, the mind, the emotional, and the physical. I go beyond daily routines, weekly goals, and monthly reviews. I adopt a holistic strategy that helps clients connect with their inner selves; providing internal and external guidance. Initially, focusing on a client’s inner beliefs and, consequently, offering alternative methods & strategies to help them better understand those beliefs and their relation to the world around them. 

What is a Spiritual Coach?

A spiritual coach is a person who guides individuals to discover or deepen their knowledge of who they are and where they want to go. The sessions usually involve providing tools that support a client’s inner journey to self-discovery and development. Coaches harness spiritual growth by encouraging clients to understand their internal process, at the unconscious level, so that they can shatter limiting beliefs and structure a healthier life balance through developing appropriate life habits.

Spiritual coaching is a highly personal and tailored alternative method to self-help, development, and discovery. Thus, coaches have one-on-one sessions with clients or work with small groups. This allows coaches to individualize their instructions. Additionally, coaches don’t necessarily hold the same values as their clients. Nonetheless, shared beliefs may result in higher productivity levels. It all depends on the client-coach relationship. However, with a holistic approach, spiritual coaches comprehend the deeper aspects of a client’s inner workings and lead them to personal growth and empowerment

Note: People often confuse religious leaders with spiritual coaches and use these terms interchangeably. However, they are entirely different entities. Working with a spiritual coach doesn’t require clients to be religious. Instead, these coaches help people live more fulfilling lives with gratitude, peace, and purpose. They also help clients access more profound thoughts and unaware feelings.

Spiritual Coach Vs. Life Coach

Spiritual and life coaches help clients set a path to live the most meaningful life possible. So what’s the difference between them?

Spiritual Coach

The main objective of a spiritual coach is to help achieve a balanced overall state of being, allowing clients to accomplish personal goals. They do this by helping clients understand how internal and external factors in their lives interact to reach greater well-being. This is often done by connecting clients to their environment and personal goals. For a spiritual coach, success is being at peace with oneself. Coaches are receptive to questions, ideologies, beliefs, and values — what they might call the “inner voice.” Holistic life balance is subjective, as every individual’s inherent system is unique, with a direction that works best for them. Thus, the main goal of the coach is to nurture, support, and encourage clients to grow.

Life Coach

Life coaches take a different approach. They focus on the tangible world and help clients, such as entrepreneurs, achieve personal and professional goals. These coaches prompt self-development and provide sessions on discipline, confidence, motivation, and more, helping clients balance their personal and professional lives.

Unlike spiritual coaches, who work with alternative tools based on the Art of Living, life coaches’ methodology revolves around things grounded in practical methods for life solutions. As a result, they often provide support in social and workplace-related matters besides traditional coaching for personal, emotional, and financial reasons.


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