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Women’s Circle 2024

October 31st – November 3rd

Due to the folklore that exists today about the practice of the Women’s Circle, it is important to start by clarifying certain points: 

  1. A women’s circle is not a magic solution to your problems.
  2. It is not where we come to hate men or to be angry at the world because of how men have wronged us.
  3. And it is neither feminism nor against feminism. 

What is a Women’s Circle?

A women’s Circle is an accountability; A process of self-realization, discovery, & transformation. A mirror that shows you everything about you: the good and the bad. A journey alongside women with similar issues who seek to change the aspects that are not working in their lives. They do this to find and establish a healthier life balance.

However, for this change to be possible, there must be a realization of the need to change
and an understanding of why that change is necessary.

All of the practices that you will learn in the women’s circle, intend to help you discover the internal processes that all women have in common and explore those that are more personal to you. Generally, we work to understand the collectively defined experience of a woman to find common ground from which all participants can learn, explore, and grow. 

Through the healing of one, we all heal!

In the circle, the wisdom of the Art of Womanhood is celebrated and honored, creating personal and transformative bonds. In the presence of one another, this inner wisdom rises at the perfect rhythm, in compassionate love for ourselves, through the empowerment of oneself. Therefore, all judgments and limitations remain outside this place.

Through your inner journey, you strengthen yourself to heal and grow individually and collectively; and through valuing the practice of self-care, your home, family, friends, and work are strengthened.

In a Woman’s Circle, advice is not given and criticism, judgments, fears, and comparisons are left out!

The Circle is where we see who we are as a Woman. Together we remember who we are, where we come from, where we are going, what we want to do, and how we want to do it. Together we project our dreams and help each other develop a balanced course of action to make them a reality. Seeing yourself reflected in the eyes, the experience, the heart, the compassion, the acceptance, and the wisdom of other women, helps bring order and harmony to your life. Thus, step by step, you build and create a sounder and more meaningful life.

Being part of a Women’s Circle offers you the opportunity to get closer to other women who are on a similar journey to yours. It is an invitation to share your feminine wisdom with the rest; Strengthening the group and yourself!

In the circle, we work to cultivate self-knowledge, to rediscover ourselves, and to become aware of the beauty of being WOMEN. 

In the first days or weeks of working with the teachings of the Women’s Circle, your emotions, dreams, and cognitive processes intensify. The practices you are guided to follow show you where you are stuck; allowing you to solve and to move forward from whatever prevents you from growing. Thus, the greatest benefit of attending the women’s circle is the capacity to work in groups, with other women who, like you, are trying to find balance, meaning, direction, & joy in life.

Being listened to and allowed to share your stories, gives you a greater understanding of what has been brought to the surface. Thus, if you don’t work with a women’s circle and you are trying to unveil repressed content, at least have someone you can trust to accompany your mental, emotional, and physical healing. Some repressed content may be too complex to resolve alone, therefore, I highly recommend that you seek psychological support if such is the case for you. 

Intention is Key

Before you begin to work with the practices of the Women’s Circle, you must have a clear intention about what you want to get out of this alternative therapy. Your intention will allow you to create a framework, a foundation to help you deal with the contents that may arise during the cleansing cycles. If you do not know how to set an intention, you will learn how to do it during our Zoom calls and the retreat. 

The methods guide you to:

Explore your inner processes

The Women’s Circle is an alternative well-being practice that takes you on an inner journey that begins by learning to become more aware of your Mind, Emotions (Energy), Body, & Spirit. Even though you work collectively with other women with similar issues, your practice is personal; defined, decided, and directed solely by you. Moreover, your definition of balance, health, comfort, joy, and well-being can only be formulated by you based on your own experience and needs. 

Become familiar with the Wisdom of Nature & Yourself

This Journey helps you connect with Mother Earth, the cycles of your life, and your feminine experience. In doing so, you conquer and cleanse your shadow parts (content at the unconscious level) and bring light and love to your memories of pain, separation, injustice, abandonment, sadness, etc. 

Release Feminine Wounds

In a family lineage exists a series of cognitive and behavioral patterns that are repeated until someone becomes aware of them and decides to change them. When you transform unhealthy family tendencies or patterns, the changes impact you personally and affect previous and subsequent generations. Through your DNA & life experiences, you carry the memories of your family (lineage) and share similar experiences with them, desirable or not, until you decide to enter your interior to transform unhealthy tendencies to create a freer and happier life.

potential benefits

The Women’s Circle Practices works at a physical, mental, emotional (energetic), and spiritual level. Healing of all aspects is something that all human beings seek to find. Therefore, the Women’s Circle Practices help women find themselves, enhance their abilities, and discard all blockages that prevent them from achieving happiness.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Release and transformation of negative energies that come from you and the environment
  • Increase of vital energy
  • Elimination & transformation of energy blockages and tensions
  • Balance of the Mental, Emotional (Energetic), Physical, and Spiritual bodies
  • Opens, cleanses, and purifies the central channel of Light to increase your vibration
  • Improvement of libido and sexual pleasure problems
  • Assists the transformation of unhealthy unconscious content that is revealed during the practices
  • Assists the integration, understanding, and awareness of your shadow (your unconscious)
  • Helps balance and assist the health of the female reproductive system
  • Assists the release of the memories that you inherited from your maternal lineage and that are registered within you
  • Helps improve relational, emotional, and sexual conflicts
  • Helps explore the unknown within you
  • Stimulates personal growth, as it allows you to deepen your self-knowledge to understand yourself
  • Assists the cultivation of the joy of being a woman!

Who Can Participate?

It is for all women of adult age who seek balance in all aspects of their lives. Grandmothers, daughters, sisters, and friends are all encouraged to participate and find balance together.

In addition, it can be useful for women who are looking for answers and solutions to various types of problems like:

  • Balancing of the feminine and masculine energies (expressions)
  • Understanding of the unconscious
  • Search for a new version of self to regain control of life
  • Reconnection with men/women to create healthier and more satisfying relationships based on respect, love, and trust
  • To break familial (ancestral) patterns
  • For women seeking to share their difficult life experiences in a safe and respectful space
  • To rediscover your connection with your uterus through knowing how to balance strong negative emotions, such as sadness
  • To unlock the barrier that prevents full surrendering to love
  • To avoid self-sabotage so that you can achieve your plans and dreams
  • Enhance your power and inner direction
  • Expand and become more confident in your intuition
  • Foster the Creativity that emanates from you
  • Rescue your Inner Wisdom, which is innate to each one of us
  • To work energetically through topics such as female energy, menstrual cycles, lunar cycles, etc…

Benefits of Attending the Retreat

You will be assisted in interpreting and understanding each of the Practices taught; You will also have the opportunity to put into practice what you have learned in theory during the Zoom calls.

In the retreat, you will be accompanied to work with:

  • The 4 elements
  • 2 sweat lodges
  • Sound Therapy (shamanic drum)
  • Cacao
  • The Teachings of the Art of Womanhood
  • You will also become more familiar with the wisdom of Nature
  • The practice of the Obsidian egg
  • The practice of the female and lunar cycles

Practical Information

4 Zoom Calls: 

Time: 8:00 pm-10:00 pm Paris Time
Dates: Fridays October 4th, 14th, 21st & 28th 

  • Zoom Call 1: Introductions, Energy Centers
  • Zoom Call 2: Lunar Cycles
  • Zoom Call 3: Obsidian Egg
  • Zoom Call 4: Questions & Answers; Organization & instructions for the Women’s Circle Gathering
  • Date: October 31st to November 3rd  
  • Arrival/Check-in Time: 10:00 am
  • Closing Circle Time: 4:00 pm
  • Location: Martinshütte, 55444, Seibersbach
  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish

You will be accommodated in a dormitory. Please bring a mattress cover, sleeping bag and pillow. Washing facilities, showers, and hot water are available on-site.


During the retreat, we will be Intermittent fasting. A vegetarian menu will be offered along with coffee, tea, & snacks. We highly recommend you bring your food if you have severe food allergies. No discount will be given if you bring your food. Thank you for understanding. During the Zoom calls, we will guide you to prepare your body to fast intermittently.

Please be advised that intermittent Fasting is not recommended and is discouraged if
you are not physically prepared or if your doctor has advised against it.

What is included in the Price: 1100€

  • 4 online teachings via Zoom Video Calls
  • 1 four-day retreat in Germany
  • 2 sweat lodges
  • 1 sound healing- Shamanic drum
  • 1 cacao ceremony
  • Theory material- available for viewing for 3 months

The registration deadline is September 17th, 2024

Reserve Your Spot

For a quality experience, only 20 participants can register. To secure your spot, you must make an initial non-refundable payment of €500. The outstanding €600 must be paid by October 17th, 2024.

How to Make Bank Payments

To secure your spot, you must make an initial non-refundable payment of €500 via bank transfer to Crizalia Le Blan.
Label the transfer: Women’s Circle. The outstanding €600 must be paid by October 17th, 2024 in the same way.
Please, Contact me to receive the bank information. No checks accepted. 

Mandatory Consent Form

Please return the completed and signed Informed consent form by email to the following address:

Note: Plan to purchase the obsidian egg before the start of the Obsidian Egg course

Do you still have questions? Contact me for further details

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